About us

Welcome to Crafting with Nessy! My name is Vanessa and I create handmade crystal jewelry and bling tumblers. I’ve always enjoyed crafting. I’ve dabbled in many hobbies like drawing, scrapbooking, sewing, photography, videography, & much more! Because of my many interests, it was more difficult to find what I wanted the core of my business to be about.


For years I always knew I wanted to eventually start my own business. It was always important that no matter what I chose I wanted my business to reflect me and of course to only sell products that not only do I love, but to also love and enjoy the process of creating them.



In 2021 I found my love for crystals and I was drawn to their energies. I was amazed knowing that such beautiful gems can come from our earth and that they each offer us their healing energies. Since then I’ve been growing my crystal collection and creating crystal bracelets for my friends and family. It never occurred to me to sell my crystal jewelry until I started wearing them out in public and I would receive a lot of compliments and was always asked “where did you buy those?!” I never realized how many people knew and had the same interest in crystal healing, which has now led me to where I am today. I know how hard it is to find shops that have reasonably priced authentic crystals, as well as finding a shop that puts positive energy and love into them. This is exactly what Crafting with Nessy strives for. Every piece that is listed has been carefully and lovingly selected based on my attraction to the energy of the crystals. If you ever need guidance on finding the perfect crystal / crystal piece to get, feel free to message me and I’ll be thrilled to answer your questions through Crafting with Nessy Facebook or Instagram.


Bling Tumblers:

When I stumbled across bling tumblers I instantly knew that was going to be my niche. If you ask people who know me, it makes perfect sense. You can say I’ve always been known for having bling accessories and statement pieces that help me to stand out. So being able to create bling tumblers is my own touch of glam to an everyday item. Every cup I make is handmade. I use high quality glass rhinestones to ensure they have maximum reflection and each rhinestone is added one by one. I look forward to expanding my bling category and I look forward to taking on bigger projects in the future!